Chimney Sweep in Chesterfield Derbyshire - Rotary Power Sweeping (Snaplok Equipped)

Our services

Standard  Sweeping Charge  £50

includes  Certificate of Sweeping

(N.A.C.S.) and Smoke Check.

Please call for more details.

a particularly dirty one
a particularly dirty one


J G Sweep Services

Following the closure of my previous employer , I decided to try 

doing something different to my previous engineering job, and latched

on to chimney sweeping after having swept my own chimneys several times over the years and doing them once more I did some research and found

that I wanted to learn more and  soon decided to train at the NACS(National Association of Chimney Sweeps) which

I did last year. 

Snaplok equipment seemed pretty

good to me. so  that's what I now use.